The Nanny

You can trust her with your child, but your husband?

Clare Elian has always known the risk of being married to a rich, handsome younger man like Marc. She just never thought she’d be the one to bring the danger home.

But when she gives birth to two gorgeous babies – one of each, naturally – she discovers motherhood isn’t quite the cinch she’d expected.

Desperate to escape back to her chic chain of boutique flower shops, she hires Jenna,a confident, efficient nanny keen to escape a relationship that’s suddenly gone terribly wrong.

Before long, a deadly rivalry emerges for control of the nursery. And as events spiral out of their control, both women find themselves forced to make wrenching decisions about love, loyalty and motherhood.

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NB: This book was previously published as The Cradle Snatcher (UK) and Who Loves You Best (US).

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