The Infidelity Chain

Six lovers. Two affairs. One betrayal.

Jackson is married to Ella, who’s sleeping with William, whose wife Beth is falling for daughter Cate’s boyfriend Dan...

Ella Stuart has worked hard to achieve her perfectly balanced life. She has a high-flying career as a paediatric doctor, a charming husband in Jackson Garrett, and a passionate lover in William Ashfield.

But as Beth slowly emerges from the depression which has stolen her most precious years, it’s her turn to rediscover passion – and not with her husband.

But when tragedy strikes out of the blue, Ella’s carefully ordered life spirals out of control, and she is forced to question the one thing she has held so dear for so long.

And for William and Beth’s seventeen-year-old daughter, Cate, the transition from girlhood to womanhood is suddenly set to be a baptism of fire.

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NB: This book was published in the US as One Good Affair.

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