An Open Marriage

When you abandon the rules, can you ever go back?

Mia Allen has never quite adjusted to living in England. She misses her friends in the States and feels restrained by small-town family life near Oxford.

Her husband Kit, on the other hand... more.

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The Lying Game

There are some things we are never meant to know...

Harriet Lockwood has never really bonded with her daughter, Florence, the way she has with her three sons.

Then one day, she discovers why.

The girl she’s raised for the last fifteen years is not her biological child. more.

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The Wife Who Ran Away

There are some things you can never leave behind.

Kate Forrest is invisible. Ned, the husband she adores, doesn't seem to know she's alive, and her two charming children have grown into stroppy adolescents.

With her fortieth birthday fast approaching, all Kate wants to do is run away from the lot of them.

And so she does. more.

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What's Yours Is Mine

Two sisters, two years - and a world - apart.

Like a princess in a fairytale, Grace Hamilton has been showered with blessings: professional success, a happy marriage, and she even lives in a beautiful castle.

But the only thing she really wants - her heart's desire - is the one thing she can never have. more.

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The Nanny

You can trust her with your child, but your husband?

Clare Elian has always known the risk of being married to a rich, handsome younger man like Marc. She just never thought she’d be the one to bring the danger home.

But when she gives birth to two gorgeous babies – one of each, naturally – she discovers motherhood isn’t quite the cinch she’d expected, and hires Jenna... more.

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The Infidelity Chain

Six lovers. Two affairs. One betrayal.

Jackson is married to Ella, who’s sleeping with William, whose wife Beth is falling for daughter Cate’s boyfriend Dan...

Ella Stuart has worked hard to achieve her perfectly balanced life. She has a high-flying career as a paediatric doctor, a charming husband in Jackson Garrett - and a passionate lover in William Ashfield... more.

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The Adultery Club

Whose side will you be on?

Life couldn’t be happier for Nicholas Lyon, divorce lawyer and contented husband of the beautiful – if chaotic – Mal, a cookery writer who combines working from a comfortable home in Wiltshire with being mother to their three gorgeous young daughters.

And then Sara Kaplan, a bright, vivacious young lawyer, explodes into his life like a sexual hand grenade. more.

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Beat The Bitch

How To Stop The Other Woman Stealing Your Man

The handbook no woman in a relationship can do without.

Being a mistress used to be a shameful, shabby secret. No longer. There's a new breed of women out there who believe in taking what, and who, they want.

Want to keep your man all to yourself? If so... more.

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Pole Position

Stevie Colvin is an unlikely heroine.

She has hopeless passions and a tendency to get herself into trouble. In the opinion of her long-suffering best friend Julia, she's a walking black spot who should be sectioned off with cones.

But then Stevie lands a job as a nanny to the children of (very married) Formula One racing driver Patrick Alexander... more.

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Soft Focus

Ellie Ferreira is a child of the Brazilian slums. She has known nothing but hunger and violence on the streets of Rio.

Alex Cerreni has only ever loved one person in her life. When he betrays her she is forced to leave her life of privilege and start again with nothing.

Matt Logan has fought hard for his success. One terrible tragedy has cost him everything he ever cared about... more.

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Hard News

The hottest stories lie behind the headlines.

Reporter Christie Bradley, beautiful and brave, is willing to take any risks for her job. It'll take a strong man to hold her.

David Cameron has been INN's top war correspondant for ten years. He's survived bullets and bombs, but he's never met the right woman... more.

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Yours Till The End

Two survivors of the hostage crisis - their amazing story.

Jackie Mann, a 75-year-old British pub-keeper in Beirut and a WW II Spitfire pilot, was picked up on the street one morning in 1989 by Palestinian terrorists and held hostage for two and a half years.

His wife, Sunnie, never knew if he was alive but stayed on in war-torn Beirut, waiting for word... more.

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